5 Reasons for Kids to Play Indoor Cricket During Summer

  • Christinia Jones
  • December 7, 2018
  • Playing sports is a fun and engaging activity. Unfortunately, as reality dictates, not all sports can be played all throughout the different seasons. During winter, when the environment’s too cold and the field’s covered with ice, playing soccer for instance may cause unwanted injuries. More so during summer when the scorching heat of the sun is too hot to handle; children may experience fainting spells or dehydration. As a sports lover myself and an advocate of healthy lifestyle for kids regardless what season, I highly recommend indoor cricket during summer. Here are the reasons why:

    Moderately Intense

    Competitive sports can become very rough and intense, consuming too much energy from the players. During summer, the heat and humidity can still be unbearable even during late afternoon. I personally believe that under such conditions a child needs a game with just the right level of intensity to get their muscles moving without causing any health damage, and indoor cricket offers exactly the same. Batting flexes the arm muscles and stances improve balance. A player also performs sprints during an indoor cricket game, thus still creating that adrenaline rush every child craves for almost every other day. It still provides an avenue to release their stored energy. Since the game is played indoors, parents are assured that no heat stroke or sunburn harms their child.

    Improves Coordination

    During the children’s formative years, among the essential physical milestones to achieve is good balance and coordination. Cricket is played by hitting a ball and thereafter running all throughout different stations to score. In the process, a player needs to dash one second, hold his stand the next second, very briefly after striking a ball with a bat – a task that also requires good coordination and balance. Once you expose your child to indoor cricket regularly, you’ll see his posture and foot stance significantly improved as a consequence.

    Enhances Posture

    Relatedly, playing indoor sports helps correct postural problems, except those that are truly serious and involve medical intervention. A perfect arm swing is only achieved by perfecting a good striking position. If you slouch too much, your range of motion may be altered. The same is true when your body’s too stiff or arched. Get your child into indoor cricket and in time you’ll notice no slouching incidents.

    Burns Fats

    Summer exudes an air of festivity, liberation, and relaxation. During breaks, kids go to camps, swim, eat their hearts out, and possibly even sleep longer. The point is, gaining weight during the summer is a big possibility, if not a common occurrence, and parents need to watch out for this. I would say that the tendency to get rounder during summer is especially high for girls since unlike their opposite sex, they may not be naturally inclined to outdoor activities or other physical pursuits. I’ve been in the very same place myself and trust me, getting into an indoor cricket game helps manage my weight especially during the lazy days of summer. It does not get you super exhausted, but the stunts are enough to burn excess fats, tone muscles, and increase endurance. Most importantly, compared to outdoor field games, an indoor cricket game has less exposure to injuries, like abrasions, lacerations, piercing, etc because the court surface is rather smooth, polished, and environment’s more controlled. This surely is a top consideration for girls.

    Sharpens Mental Acuity

    Sports are rarely seen as mental exercises. But in my experience, any sport is equally mentally challenging just as it is physically demanding. For one, playing indoor cricket in the summer back during childhood days enabled me to think quickly and respond appropriately. It simulates a math or physics problem in a practical world. No one is capable of knowing exactly where the ball would land. You can perhaps consider its projectile motion all the while, and if it reaches a certain spot, you are to decide on a winning strategy within just a split second. Unlike other sports with too many required playing members, your interaction with the bat, ball, and the bases is quite high, thus truly practicing your individual skill set. Your moves are more visible to the watching public, so you’re better able to practice grace under pressure at an early age.

    Given all these and more, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your child to engage in indoor cricket, especially during summer.

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