5 Ways a Physiotherapist Can Help to Improve Your Health

  • Christinia Jones
  • November 27, 2015
  • You may have encountered people who are having difficulty with their body movements. And as a curious person, you may wonder what caused their difficulty or inability to move properly. Are they born with the disability to move normally? Did they get it from accident or any unexpected event? There could be many reasons. The same situation could happen to your friends and relatives. It could also happen to your parents, siblings or even yourself. Thus, it is important that you have basic knowledge about physiotherapy and how physiotherapists can help you. You’ll be surprised to know that even if you don’t have movement disabilities you can still seek the services of a physiotherapy to improve your health.

    What are the Functions of a Physiotherapist? 

    A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional that does assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disabilities and diseases through physical means or methods. He is an expert in body functions and movements and closely works with the patients to assist them to overcome disorders in movement. Usually, movement disorders are acquired through injury or accident while others are just simply born with it. There are also cases that we can’t move properly because of other diseases. For example, a sprain in the foot may prevent us from walking normally. A respiratory infection may prevent us from having a good posture. There are many diseases not related to movement that can cause us to move with some level of difficulty.

    When any of the above situations happens to you, it would be a practical and smart idea to seek the services of a highly credible physiotherapist. In Australia, you wouldn’t find any difficulty looking for reputable physiotherapy clinics. You can also easily find affordable physio in Prahran – Capital Physiotherapy for example. Below are the ways by which a physiotherapist can help you improve your health.

    Helps You to Combat Obesity 

    Obese people are usually recommended with a diet program that will lessen their consumption of bad fats and too much carbohydrates. In addition, they are also recommended with a set of exercise routines that they need to follow strictly. In coming up with the right exercise for them, meaning their heavy weight is considered, physiotherapists have a very important role. They are the ones who can determine what types of exercise can best work for them. A physiotherapy considers the impact of a certain exercise on the obese patient’s joints such as those in the knees. Carrying too much weights or running for so long will make the patients vulnerable to unbearable joint pains. With a physiotherapist around, he can make the obese patients’ goal of recovering from obesity successful.

    Helps Relieve Your Chronic Pain 

    There are numerous types of pain in our body that we get from swollen or damaged muscles and joints. For example, women who have osteoporosis may suffer from chronic pain due to compression of fractures in the spinal column. The pain can be relieved through physiotherapy. In A Danish study that involved women with osteoporosis has found out that regular sessions with a physiotherapist can greatly and significantly lessen the chronic pain. After only 10 weeks of undergoing physiotherapy program, the subjects were able to experience improvement in the quality of their life. This proves that there are health conditions that don’t necessitate conventional medications like purchasing and taking of tablets. Physiotherapy apparently is an alternative treatment and a less pain medication that effectively helps patients improve their health and life in general.

    Helps Cure Your Back Pain 

    Aside from osteoporosis or any problem in your backbones, you can also acquire back pain due to poor posture, arthritis, and muscle strain. A cold weather can also give you back pain. Carrying too heavy weights in the gym for longer periods may also give you pain in the back. These different sources of back pain require different methods of treatment. However, all of them have some commonalities in terms of the principles used to cure back pain.

    Cleveland Clinic Canada Director of Exercise Physiology Paul VanWiechen has a great advice for people who suffer from back pains. He recommends a three-fold approach, which involves “re-patterning’ of the different muscles, strengthening of muscles to reduce recurrence of pain and to improve mobility, and management of weight to reduce joints stress. These approach involves a series of exercise that effectively works all of the muscles in a specific area of the body. This is to change coordination of these muscles to cure the pain. VanWiechen stressed that the lower back has about 24 muscles that work to keep the back functional and normal. These muscles need the recommended exercises to maintain their normal functions when suffering from pain. Focusing on few muscles, say 3 to 5 only, won’t have any significant effect.

    With these, a physiotherapy is certainly necessary to improve your health and life if you’re suffering even from just minor back pain. No one is exempted from getting sick that is why acquiring medical treatment is always necessary. When pain is felt in the body, pain relievers can serve as temporary remedy. However, for long term cure and treatment, it is best to seek the help of a physiotherapist. Actually, physiotherapy is not only there to provide solution to body aches and pain, but also a method of prevention. Whether child, teenager or adult, engaging into physiotherapy is a good way to improve health.

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