Are You Ready for Balayage?

  • Christinia Jones
  • February 2, 2016
  • balayageHair color inspirations from various social media platforms are fired up with the balayage trend. Tutorials on how to do it are plenty and the “after” photos are astounding. If you are looking forward to have the best balayage in Melbourne CBD, you may want to learn all shades of it first. 

    Contrary to what most people think that it is a fresh trend, balayage actually made its first appearance in the 1970s. The subtle results add a bit of dimension to the hair and it was a pretty popular trend in Paris that time. Who knew it would be a worldwide trend, many years later? 

    The balayage technique is a hair highlighting process using a freehand painting method. What happens is that the colorist will hand- paint colors via sweeping motions through sectioned bunches of hair. Unlike other methods, balayage does not need the use of foil in applying the color or highlights.

    Many salons are offering balayage these days mainly because a lot of popular stars, from models to Hollywood A-listers, are seen sporting the trend. Any fashion savvy individual would notice how these stars managed to look their best even without looking at their gowns yet. Unlike uniform highlights and ombre that both look unnatural, balayage treated hair stands out because of its soft and natural look.

    What makes it so appealing?

    The appeal of this hair coloring technique is that the range of effects is almost limitless. You can go subtle and opt to have natural highlights following the normal flow of color transitions. But you can also unleash your inner punk by having strong accents. The best thing about it is that it does not require a lot of touch ups because the hair grows out naturally. This means that an obvious regrowth line is avoided thereby minimizing the need for regular salon trips.

    Women who never have the time to constantly fuss about their hair will be delighted as well as Balayage only needs minimal maintenance. Just by using a color protecting shampoo and conditioner will keep the colors vibrant for a long time. Hair treatments that protect the hair against heat damage could lengthen the vibrancy even with frequent styling.

    Another reason why everyone is raving about it is that balayage could work on a variety of people. Dark hair? No problem. A combination of brown and dark hues will be perfect to get that natural, vibrant chocolate shade that you want. For those who have lighter hair, experimenting with different combinations will surely be a fun experience. Play up with golden shades to have that perfect sun-kissed look. Be bold with blending colors to have a subtle ombre hair that is very eye- catching. You can even go extreme and get out-of- this- world shades like purple, pink, blue, whatever shocking color that you like and try to make it like you naturally have that shade all your life. Natural hair color is definitely not a factor when it comes to redefining a new look using the balayage method.

    Although it could work on short hair, balayage can be appreciated more with those who have shoulder-length and longer hairs. Loose curls at the ends will define the color variations, but other flowing hairstyles could also show off the color transitions.

    See someone on the street with an attractive balayage hair? Don’t be shy about asking where she got her hair done. To get the best balayage in town, you have to do a bit of a research. You see, this technique should be mastered to translate the vision of the colorist. It is more than just hand painted colors on hair strands. Discuss with the colorist about his techniques to make sure that he will achieve the look that you want. Balayage that is not done correctly will only give disappointing results. You will not have the hair color that you want plus your hair will suffer from excessive damage. Ask around for recommendations. Always remember that a good colorist can contribute to the health of your hair. You will be much happier sporting your balayage if your hair is maintained in good condition after its application.

    Is it here to stay? 

    If you are fretting over how long you can keep this style, calm yourself. Making a statement is a common revolutionary thought nowadays. The simplest way to show a strong personality is by adding a pop of color to your hair. Consider balayage as one tool to make it look like you managed to pull yourself together despite all kinds of stress that you face every day. This technique requires skill to perfect but you can customize it to your imagination. It is a venue where creativity can be unleashed which is the main reason why it still exist even after more than 40 years. With such timeless hair fashion, balayage is therefore, here to stay.

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