Investing on a Quality Apartment in Melbourne

  • Christinia Jones
  • June 1, 2016
  • apartmentBeautiful memories are nurtured at home. Regardless the size, color, design– homes offer a bounty that even the most luxurious hotel in the world cannot equal. So, even if it’s just an apartment you have in mind, the rule is to never settle for anything less. Find the right location, the perfect furniture bits and pieces, even the right neighborhood.

    In a sprawling, bustling city that’s all of Melbourne, I remember so well how I was like a hungry man let loose in the street. I would readily grab any first home buyer tips available in the internet or catalogs. If a stranger offered quick solution to the paranoia I had while scouting for me and my partner’s first home, I would’ve devoured that antidote. But there was no easy way, I went through the nitty-gritty of finding an apartment.

    Knowing how painstaking the task of buying a property in Melbourne inner suburbs can be, I have created a short list of practical tips befitting mothers, girlfriends, or homemakers in general. Let my experience teach you the easy and practical way.

    Have a Vision

    Sure, it’s so easy to bail out on quality and settle for whatever time and budget permits. But I tell you, many years will pass and you will look back to the day you haphazardly bought the property and wish you had done it otherwise. One tip, plan ahead and have a vision.

    Women, nurturing as we are, have at some point envisioned what future homes would be like. Put that imagination into details. Create a mental image of the neighborhood, of the interiors. Details matter where your home is concerned.

    Well, there are considerations like money and time. So, better identify the things that truly matter to you. Is it the garden? The porch? The city view perhaps? It’s easy to narrow down choices when you’re specific with your wants. Take this tip seriously because surely it isn’t just the apartment’s style you’re paying, but more importantly, the comfort and security.

    Seek a Property Specialist

    It’s just impractical, if not impossible, to scout every corner, every suburb of Melbourne in search for the apartment. That’s daunting, tedious, exasperating, time-consuming, and expensive a task.

    Property specialists have a ready list of available apartments, villas, mansions, lots, and the like. They are knowledgeable with titling, conveyances, leasing, and those many other terms that a layman may not be fully knowledgeable of. Point is, you need a property specialist to make life easier.

    I was skeptical, if not adamant, to have one at first. I have heard stories of trickery and deception property and real estate sales. But later on, I acquiesced to my husband’s prodding. My feet were just tired and my soul’s nearly giving up, we still had no apartment at hand. Fortunate for me, my experience with a property specialist turned out good. The agent offered portfolios of apartments, and I was surprised at the number of available properties we normally would not have known if we’d just drove by the street.

    To safeguard your interest, just look at firm’s credentials, list of clients, and history. You can also ask for referrals from friends for a reliable specialist. I also think that the only downside to this option is the extra payment needed for the agent’s fee. But in sum total, seeking a property specialist is way too big a help for first-time buyers. The elimination process becomes more convenient as there is a third person to consult for pros and cons.

    Be an Informed Buyer

    Now this is where everything becomes riskier, because once you’ve chosen the right apartment, what follows is a myriad of sheets to read and sign. This is where all legalities and technicalities become part of normal conversations with the agent. So see, it’s best to have an agent to better be guided.

    I cannot be lengthy on this part as I myself am limited with legal information. Most of the time though, I relied on the agent and of course, my lawyer who was happens to be a good friend for the legal aspects.. All I knew was I had to do personal research on Melbourne’s strata inspections, levies, insurance policies, financing terms, and a little about leasing and titles. Since it’s an apartment we’re having, I also had to learn about the tenant internal rules and the existing neighborhood culture. There’s Google, so there’s no excuse for ignorance of the law and policies.

    Home is always where the heart is. You most definitely cannot just take your apartment hunting for granted. If it requires a vision, agent or legal education, just go ahead, dive in, work hard and fulfill your goal. All the efforts will be worth it, and you can now come home to a comfortable and secure apartment of your dream. In the end, you can conclude that your hard-earned money was put to a worthy investment.

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