Running Outdoors vs. On A Treadmill

  • Christinia Jones
  • October 7, 2016
  • treadmill-at-homeI really love to run whether outdoors or on a treadmill at the gym. However, I wanted to be able to also do it at home, so I started thinking about buying a machine for my home. I know a few people who recently invested in one, and so I reached out to them to ask where to buy Sole f85 treadmill in Australia. I had read so many reviews about this specific model, and I was convinced that it was the perfect option for me.

    My idea was to do more running at home than outside, because of many factors. First, I could always exercise whatever the weather is. Second, I found it more convenient because I can run anytime I want or I have time. However, it was very important for me to plan my workout. A friend had asked me, “is running on a treadmill as good as running outside?” I was confident that I could tailor my exercise to achieve the same results as jogging outside. However, there will always be differences between the two:

    Advantages of Running Outside

    First of all, running can be considered more exciting because you can see more, and you can try different routes. If you want to challenge yourself, you can easily take a route that goes up. You also have the option for different surfaces, from concrete ones to ones in the forest. Uneven terrain will also be difficult and will test your balance and coordination. If you are looking to strengthen your muscles and joints, cross country running is recommended.

    A second advantage is the cost. You would need to invest in a good pair of shoes but otherwise, running outside is free. If you decide to use a treadmill, the machine will cost you a bit more.

    Third, you can combine it with other activities like walking or running your dog, going for an errand or even jogging with friends. If you just want to be alone, it is also great for achieving some time alone. You can leave the computer and cell phone and just have your time with yourself and the outdoors. 

    Advantages of Treadmill Running

    You might find facing the wall or window while running boring, but actually, the predictability and the consistency of the environment can be good. You do not have to check any weather forecast and you also do not need to plan a route and watch out for the traffic. If you have 20 minutes to squeeze before doing anything else, you can simply just go.

    Second, using a treadmill keeps you one a certain pace all the time, unless you actively change the settings. This is good if you are training for a run or have specific goals while running. However, do not think that the machine only offers you one setting, because there are ways to manually change it to make it more challenging for you. For example, you want to simulate jogging up a hill, you can easily adjust the incline. This is a huge advantage because you can experience various conditions without having to look for a route that will deliver the challenge you are looking for.

    Another advantage is that the surface of the treadmill is kinder on your knees and joints than concrete. If you run often, this will lessen the impact and the risk of and injury.

    Lastly, the machine will measure your progress and other information like distance traveled, calories burned and others. This can have a motivating effect when you see how well you are doing.

    How You Can Achieve the Same Results

    The point of running, whether at home or outdoors, is to keep fit and lose weight. Fitness professionals are in agreement that it is possible to achieve the same number of calories burnt.

    How many calories you do burn is dependent on the intensity of the workout and how much oxygen you end up consuming. Because the outdoor conditions are not as constant and flat as your treadmill, you end up burning more and using more air when you are you running outside. Moreover, other factors like wind resistance create more of a challenge. On the other hand, the movement of your treadmill assists you while running.

    Despite this, you can still achieve the same outcomes with a treadmill, if you increase your pace and make it more challenging. You can, for example, set your machine at a higher incline. This will allow you to burn as many calories and use up as much oxygen. You can also invest in a heart rate monitor to measure the intensity of your run.

    In the end, because of good planning and monitoring, I was able to transition very well to the treadmill. I still run outside sometimes, when the conditions are right and when I want to feel the air on my face as I am on the move. Running brings me a lot of benefits, strengthening my bones, and muscles, as well as keeping my heart healthy. Of course, I am also able to control my weight through this exercise. But now, with my treadmill at home, I am able to jog more often and whenever I want!

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