The Impact of Office Cleaning on Employee Productivity

  • Christinia Jones
  • January 20, 2020
  • A question of priorities

    From my point of view, many people go about business management the wrong way. Far too often you see a situation where the focus of owners and managers is on something such as expenses, sales and the number of clients or customers. Other things which are often ignored are important things such as health, employee morale and productivity. Many owners and business managers fail to see what a difference could be made by maintaining your office space well and by ensuring that everything is always clean and healthy thereby producing a productive and happy working environment.

    A clean office is a certain way to ensure a whole range of long-term benefits for that business or Corporation. When working in a dirty workplace there will always be a risk that there can be harmful viruses and organisms which could result in a whole range of health-related issues. In particularly frequently used items such as keyboards and mouse contains more germs than can be found on the average toilet seat. This is because of the habit that certain people have to eat their lunch on their desk.

    Basic hygiene

    There are also many people who do not engage in healthy activities such as the washing of hands and this can result in the transfer of harmful bacteria. These bacteria can quickly increase and the result can be an increase in the number of employees who are afflicted by some ailment. It is very possible to become victim to some kind of contagious disease and when this happens the productivity of a corporation or business can suffer tremendously.

    For example, the results of an effective commercial cleaning in Clayton, one of my acquaintances, can be miraculous. It has been found that visible signs of untidiness and messiness can have a distracting influence on employees. However, when there is a concerted effort to organise things properly then this will result in better focused and motivated employees. The facts are inescapable, when keeping your office in a shipshape condition there will be less things to distract your employees and this will lead to a substantial increase in productivity.

    An investment in the workplace

    Statistics clearly show that the workplace environment is very important to a business which has a desire to not only attract employees and clients but also want to hold on to those individuals for a very long time. This is why most of the major companies such as Facebook and also Google is continually investing in their office space.

    This has been leading to a reduction in the number of people whom they had to hire for a possible job vacancy. They were also able to retain current employers a lot more successfully.

    This phenomenon has been carefully studied over the last couple of decades. It has become very clear that a dirty and disorganised workplace has the result that people’s performance is negatively impacted by their work environment.

    This simply means that owners and managers of businesses and corporations will have to reconsider the way in which they are approaching their workspace. Keeping things clean, hygienic and well-organised will have a very positive impact on productivity and the overall well-being of employees.

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